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      • Guide About Zambales Cove
        • Anawangin, Nagsasa and Talisayin Cove are located within Brgy. Pundaquit,San Antonio Zambales and can be reach thru boat or by trekking @ mt. Pundaquit.
        • The boatride from the Pundaquit shores to Anawangin Cove will be around 30-45 minutes or more depending on water conditions. Always wear your life vest while you are at sea and remember to put on your sunscreen before going on boat.
        •    If you are bringing our own car or rented Svehicle but sleeping on the cove, there are a lot of parking areas in Pundaquit that can accomodate you. Make sure you leave your car at a paid parking area for security reasons. The parking fee is PhP 200 per night. If you already spoke with a boatman, he can direct you to a trusted parking area .
        •        If you plan to stay longer than 4 hours in the cove, bring extra water and food with you. Swimming, taking photos and even just plain walking along the shores will build you quite an appetite.
          • Campers and visitors should always never leave their trash behind. Plastic bags or wrappers that flow out to sea are mistakenly eaten by sea turtles and other marine life. Bring them back with you to your resort because Anawangin Cove does not have the garbage collectors that we have in the Metro
        • There are no Rooms or Hotel in Anawangin or Nagsasa Cove.
        • There is no electricity in the place.
        • There is no cellphone signal / reception in the area.